Making Our Mark

UEFA wants to make football fans aware of the threat of air pollution and inspire them to take steps that can contribute to cleaner air and a better game.

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Air Pollution is a Threat

According to data from the European Union, there are over 400,000 premature deaths every year in Europe because of air pollution.

UEFA hopes this campaign, which will run during the UEFA European Under-21 Championship finals, can raise awareness of the threat of air pollution and kick off a movement where all of us can contribute to improving air quality.

As well as encouraging fans to take these steps, UEFA is promoting concrete legacy activities in the host nations, Hungary and Slovenia, leading initiatives to plant trees and increase bike-sharing programmes.

Young people playing football

It's Hurting the game

Research conducted in Germany has shown that when air pollution is higher, the pace of football matches is slower, with players struggling to reach their peak performance.

It's halting events

Interruptions and cancellations of sporting events due to poor air quality are increasing, and sportspeople are refusing to participate in competitions where the air is difficult to breathe.

Our health is at risk

Recent studies show that air pollution kills nine million people every year. Chemicals in the air are a threat to our well-being, even more so when we exercise in dangerous conditions.

Join the team in taking a step for cleaner air and a better game!