UEFA Cleaner Air, Better Game

Play Your Part

UEFA’s Cleaner Air, Better Game campaign aims to raise awareness about the threat of air pollution to the future of football. UEFA is encouraging fans around the world to take a step to protect the planet and the game we love. Are you in?

Making a change

Taking one of these steps can have an impact on reducing carbon pollution, cleaning the air, and ultimately protecting the game.

change image
  • Turning down a radiator with Dial it down sticker
  • Boy holding a smoothie maker with eat more plants sticker
  • People cycling over a bridge with walk and cycle more sticker
  • Group of young football players in a huddle with Talk to friends sticker
  • People planting a tree with grow some trees sticker
  • Boy sitting and smiling with volunteer sticker
  • Fruit and veg on chopping board with Cut Food Waste sticker
  • Bicycle against wall with walk and cycle more sticker
  • Woman turning heating down with Dial It Down sticker on
  • Person walking with skateboard under arm with walk and cycle more sticker

It’s not the elite athletes that suffer the most

According to official data from the European Union, there are around 130 cities in Europe that do not meet EU air quality standards. This means millions of grassroots players across the continent are affected by air pollution.

Two boys playing football